Taking a moment to talk about life & not juice – The Battle of Emotional Crap


Well, i had the best of intentions when I set out to do this life changing thing, and then… well. I had a major emotional setback.

My friend, lover, fiance, confidante of 12 years and I have hit a pretty bad rough patch.  When i say rough patch, we’ve come very close over the last 2 months to ending the relationship. 

I won’t go into the tedious why of it, or the gory details, suffice it to say we’re both hurting pretty bad right now.  Traditionally, me feeling this empty and wretched means i eat my weight in awful foods.  This time i’m trying everything BUT that.

So.  We’re in couple’s therapy, which is actually going pretty well.  I’m in my own therapy for grief, and now for this shit.  So basically I’m being therapized to DEATH.

During all this turmoil, i’ve managed not to put 1 lb back on from the weight i lost on my first juice fast, which makes me so incredibly happy.

& now I’m back on the fast, only on Day 2, forgive the lag, but HERE goes. 


Ok, Juice fast part II – 2nd set of 30 days


Hallo everyone!

So i’ve been off the juice for a total of 7 days while peeps were visiting me in LA.  I tried to keep it healthy.. er, and failed miserably.  Who knew IT peeps could drink so very much alcohol.  Well, then we ended it with a Vegas trip, and how can you get smashed while there?  The answer is you CAN”T.  So, i embraced it and now everyone’s gone.

My liver thanks you for leaving.

Now then, back to juicing.  Thank GOD.   I love how juicing is so prevelant in my area.  (Santa Monica, CA).  Someone i was with wanted a donut (NOT ME I PROMISE), so we went into a place called DKs Donuts on Santa Monica Blvd, and lo and behold, they’ve got fresh cold pressed juices!  In fabulous flavors too.

Only in LA can you walk into a donut shop and come out with fresh juice.

Carrot Coconut juice

Watermelon Mint

Green Apple, Lemon, Ginger

yum.  will post pics soon!

So here’s to DAY 1 on Juice Fast PII.





I made it! DAY 30


I made it to day 30!!! i’ve lost a total of 29.2lbs!   Given my recent dizziness and having people into town, i think what i’ve decided to do is take a week break, juice for  breakfast and lunch, then eat 1 meal a day with the team that’s here for 1 week.

To be honest, i’d rather not, but it’s bonding time with a globally distributed team that never has a chance to get together, and i don’t want to make it a big deal over it.

However, as soon as everyone leaves, i’m going to start another 30 day juice fast.  I think the food break is a good idea, i’m going to keep it vegetarian, and try to limit my dairy intake.  I’m also not going to try and re-integrate coffee so i don’t have to go through withdrawals =)

WOW.  I MADE IT TO DAY 30. that is fucking awesome.




On a side note, yesterday was Father’s day and i went to see mia familia.. Everyone, every single person gave a big ‘wow’ when they saw me.  Made me feel great.


Scratch that.. Hello dizziness.


Yesterday I had gone on and on about how awesome i felt and how much better i felt…  & then i had one of those days =)

I woke up, was running late, didn’t have time to make a fresh juice.  So got to work, made time to get an orange carrot juice at our local juice bar, but this was already 3 hours after I’d been up.  I’ve found if i don’t have something within the first hour, my whole day seems harder.  So, had that, felt ok but not great.

Then I got so busy i couldn’t get to the juice place until well after 3PM.  By that time i was feeling the crash and burn.  The worst part was talking to someone, we were on bean bags at work, i went to get up and i got so dizzy the sound started fading out, my eyesight got blurry and started to dim.    I had to quickly sit back down.

That wasn’t fun, but it’s easy to see how it happens if you’re not prepped for the day, and don’t take the time out you need to take care of yourself.  That used to be a daily occurrence for me (the not taking time out for myself and letting work eat up all my waking hours.) Part of this next phase in my life is about taking care of what’s important.  ME, my home and my hearth and my family.

I’ve also noticed that i don’t feel balanced when i’m not adding coconut water to the regimen.

**i thought i had posted this on day 29, but i’m posting a few days later =)

I’ve been neglectful!


I’m sorry for neglecting this blog for so long!  We’ve got a move @ work happening, so i’ve been insanely busy with that.

I’m now on day…   good heavens, day 26!  I’ve lost a total of 28.7 lbs as of yesterday.  I’ve had a few cheats (being broth and a walnut milk occassionally). Other than that though, i’ve been pretty damned good.  I feel fabulous, i feel alert, and i feel strong, not in the slightest bit weak or dizzy.

These days i keep it pretty simple. 

For mornings I do one of 2 juices:

Orange + carrots


Apples + Orange + ginger

For lunch i’ll do a green juice, typically one of 2:

Spinach + apple


Spinach + pineapple (also known as the  Jamaican Popeye )

For dinner I do  another green juice.

For dessert I do something yummy like:

sweet potatos + blueberries + pear or peaches.

I also drink as much coconut water as i want which is usually 2 per day =)  I hope everyone out there on their fast is doing well!